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By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to and understand:

1. The plans in the Residential Floor Plan Library are not construction documents that are permit-ready or ready to submit.

2. The process of additional steps to create a “site plan” that makes this plan fit with your unique property, and the creation of the plan set for submittal, will come at an additional charge that is agreed to between you and the Design Professional plan owner (Architect, Designer or Engineer).

3. Master planning will support the majority of properties.  However, some challenging topographies, soils, and site specifics may require additional design work outside of master planning.

4. The plans in the Residential Floor Plan Library are the property of the Design Professional (Architect, Designer, or Engineer) that you will be connected with. All representation of the floor plans on this site are for reference only and should be verified with the Design Professional.

5. The Nevada County Contractors’ Association (NCCA) does not endorse or recommend any Architect, Designer, Engineer, or Building Contractor. Access to these plans may not be viewed as an endorsement. It is your responsibility to thoroughly vet the Design Professional and Building Contractor you choose to work with.

6. Property owners will be responsible for all permit fees charged by the municipality.

The NCCA and County of Nevada Building Department are proud to bring you this online resource. Our goal with the Residential Floor Plan Library is to help you save money and time of designing and permitting a home. This Library allows you to view and get access to reduced-cost residential floor plans. You will be connected to the professional who drew and owns the plans to work with you to prepare the plans for your site. Any work and agreement you enter into does not include the NCCA or the Building Department

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