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Siteline Masterplan 1200B

siteline_RFMP -1200B Elevation 1 3D.jpg
siteline_RFMP -1200B Elevation 2.jpg
siteline_RFMP -1200B Elevation 3.jpg
siteline_RFMP -1200B Floor Plan 3D.jpg
siteline_RFMP -1200B Floor Plan.jpg

The Siteline River Fire Master Plan – 1200B home is a single level, wood frame construction, 2 bedroom, 1 bath residence which can be modified to the owner’s needs both inside as well as outside.  The house is sized to comply as an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Nevada County. The house has a covered entry porch, and an attached covered concrete patio.

Project Description;

•    Single level Wood Frame construction, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,174 sq.ft. floor area
•    40 sq.ft. deck at entry
•    200 sq.ft. covered patio


If this is the home for you, the first step in the process is to get connected with the Professional Designer and discuss the steps to creating a site plan for your property. 

Project description;​



Meet the Designer:  SIteline Architecture

Siteline Architecture provides quality design, focused customer service and demonstrates responsibility to the communities we serve.

Siteline’s years of experience living and working in historic Nevada City and Grass Valley have produced prominent projects that satisfy design criteria, local ordinances, and neighborhood aesthetics.

Your ultimate expression, Siteline’s architectural expertise. Siteline assists clients to realize their vision in the built environment. The ultimate design is an expression of those who will live, play, or work in and around the spaces Siteline Architecture creates.

Siteline Architecture opened in June of 2002. The three partners, Andrew Pawlowski, Richard Baker, and Christopher Gage have a combined sixty-nine years experience working in the field of architecture and construction. Siteline’s team also includes a balance of project managers, construction experts, interior design consultants and journeymen draftsmen.

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