NCCA-Political Action Committee Makes Endorsements 2020 For Nevada Irrigation District 


The Nevada County Contractors’ Association Political Action committee is pleased to announce that it has endorsed Scott Miller for Nevada Irrigation District III and Rich Johansen for District V. 


NCCA-PAC Endorses Scott Miller, District III & Rich Johansen, District V NID Directors and asks for your support

After interviewing both candidates in each district the PAC felt that Scott Miller and Rich Johansen are the most qualified to provide the strong leadership the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) needs.

There is a strong effort to change the direction of NID, and long time management and protection of our local water rights. Preservation of our water rights, and access to water by our community is critical to the economic health of our industry. It is of critical importance that a dependable, sustainable water supply plays in the economic health and quality of life of our region.Over a century ago Los Angeles started taking water from Owen's Valley. This destroyed much of their environment and drastically hurt their economy. Today Southern California and the bureaucrats in Sacramento are after our water. We need to  make sure this never happens. Join us in supporting Rich and Scott. They understand.  

                                             Please Join us in Supporting Scott Miller for NID Director Division III.

                                      “NID is facing many challenges in the future. Water Security is at the cornerstone of a                                                                  healthy local economy. Scott understands that water is critical to our future and he will                                                                  work  to protect our water from competing interests” Keoni Allen, PAC Chairman, said. “I                                                               am pleased to support him for another term."


                                      Scott Miller has many years of experience serving on the NID Board. During his tenure NID has built many necessary waterline improvements and fire hydrants; these hydrants have strengthened his districts fire protection. Scott Miller has brought new revenues to NID keeping it fiscally strong. He has a proven track record of protecting our water and he understands the critical importance that a dependable, sustainable water supply plays in the economic health and quality of life of our region.


As a long time family physician with a practice near Lake of the Pines, he has been active in his children’s local school and youth programs. Scott has demonstrated that he has the best interest of the district and the community at heart. 


You can Follow Scott on his Facebook page at:

Please Join Us in Supporting Rich Johansen for NID Director Division V


“We’re really excited to support Rich for the NID Board” said Keoni Allen, NCCA-PAC Chairman

“I have known Rich for 30 years, and have great respect for him. He will be a tremendous asset

to the NID Board. He has a long-standing connection to the community which makes a

difference. He knows the District, the history, and the challenges that lay ahead, and he cares

deeply about our community and understands that water is critical to our future.”


As a fourth-generation farmer and a long-time resident of Nevada County Mr. Johansen understands the critical importance that a dependable, sustainable water supply plays in the economic health and quality of life of our region. His extensive background in agriculture as a certified organic farmer with over eighteen years of service in local government and community organizations makes him uniquely qualified to help lead the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) forward in the future. He has demonstrated that he is responsive, receptive to the concerns of others, and able to lead in a collaborative manner.


With his background in economics and as a small business owner, he has the practical business experience needed to ensure the financial health of NID and balance competing priorities during this critical time.


You can follow Rich on Facebook at: and learn more about him on his wepage at:

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