Wild Forest Fires

Nevada County Contractors Association, professional design partners and sponsors are proud to bring you this online resource for a build in the River Fire footprint.  The Residential Floor Plan Library is designed to help you save money and the time in designing a home. This Library allows you to view and get access to low cost* residential floor plans, their corresponding elevations.  The following home designs have been master planned (as indicated in the plan description) to the standards set forth by the the County of Nevada. Master planning will support the majority of properties.  However, some challenging topographies, soils and site specifics may require additional design work outside of master planning.


The plans in the library have been made available by the generous donations of the Design Professional (Architect, Designer or Engineer). When you elect to “begin the process” of getting access to the plans, you will be connected to the Design Professional who drew and owns the plans. This professional can work with you to prepare the plans for your unique property. There are many steps to get a plan ready for your property and the Design Professional will walk you through this.