Prepare for the meeting.
  1. Know your subject - Pick a topic that affects you and your employees. The safety topics provide basic facts and ideas. Add your own experience to help convince your employees. Time invested in preparation will pay off in a successful meeting.
  2. Set a goal. - A reasonable goal for a safety meeting is for employees to change one unsafe behavior. See the Worker's Role section for some possible goals. Write your goal on the Safety Meeting Record.
  3. Do your part. - Action on your part may be needed to help you and your workers reach the goal. See the Employer's Role section. Contact your State Fund District Office for needed signs, posters or safety recommendations.

How to use the safety cards.
  1. Describe the problem. - Facts can help your employees understand the problem. A true story can help convince them to pay attention to safety.
  2. State your expectations. - Tell your employees how you want them to do a job. Better yet, show them how to do it. Be as clear and specific as possible. Let them know you will follow up to make sure the safety goal is being reached.
  3. Let workers know what you'll do. - Make sure you set a good example. If employees see that you are taking positive steps, they are more likely to do their part.
  4. Lead a discussion. - Involve everyone in deciding how to reach the safety goal. The Discussion Questions help show your workers that you value their ideas.
  5. Complete and Save the Safety Meeting Record.

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