The NCCA provides an in-house safety video library.  These videos may be checked out on a first come, first serve basis (no charge). The videos are excellent for "tailgate" meetings. Call Barbara at the NCCA, (530) 274-1919, to reserve.

  • Safety Around Electric and Natural Gas Lines by Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Contents:   Electric & Gas Safety Basics
  •                  Digging & Excavating
  •                  Ladders & Long Tools
  •                  Cranes & Heavy Equipment

  • Work Safely Around Utility Lines  by Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Contents - Contractor Beware
  •                  Safely Exposing Underground Utilities
  •                  Trainers Guide

Click on the link below to play the following videos.

Do's and Don'ts - Protect Yourself When Using Portable Ladders in Construction

Ladder Safety


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Select the appropriate version of the software for your operating system, and follow the download instructions. Once the download and installation is complete, return to this page.

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